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      Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Creams

      BHRT Creams Naples FL

      Hormones are chemicals created by your endocrine glands that function as messengers to direct various systems and functions in your body. Sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone, DHEA and testosterone impact sexual function specifically. But when these sex hormones decline, bodily functions – not just sexual function – can begin to go awry. Reduced energy, weight gain and hair loss are among the many possible symptoms that occur in both men and women, along with sexual dysfunction and decline.

      Symptoms can be relieved through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). BHRT uses hormones that come from plants and utilizes many different delivery methods – including customized BHRT Creams – that can stabilize hormonal imbalance, restoring normal sexual function and relieving an array of troubling symptoms.

      BHRT Creams are among the most effective tools used at Improving Your Health used to restore both male and female health and sexuality. To explore a personalized functional medicine approach that can optimize your body’s natural, healthy function, call either of our offices or book online today:

      What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

      Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can be used for both women and men to normalize low or imbalanced hormones. Compared to traditional hormonal replacement therapies that introduce synthetic hormones into the body, bioidentical hormones are designed to be molecularly identical and mimic the effect of hormones produced by your body. These hormones are made from plants like yams, flax, and soybeans. BHRT – in cream form or otherwise – is a natural alternative with minimal side effects.

      Unlike bioidentical hormones which can be precisely formulated for each patient’s individual needs, synthetic hormones are patented and do not differ from patient to patient. BHRT Creams can be easily customized to fit your specific needs. Some bioidentical hormones are premade by drug companies, while others are custom-made by a pharmacist, or compounded, based on your physician’s prescription.

      In addition to BHRT Creams, BHRT hormones come in various doses and forms, including:

      At Improving Your Health, Dr. Rubin helps you choose the BHRT delivery method that is right for you.

      Using BHRT Creams

      Once considered an unavoidable function of aging, symptoms of hormonal decline can now be effectively addressed using BHRT Creams. Hormone Creams allow the proper dose of hormones to be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream to relieve hormone imbalance.

      Hormone levels are first tested to develop a customized BHRT Cream to balance your hormones. The actual amount of hormone that enters the bloodstream will vary – depending on the method used to prepare the cream and the amount of cream applied to the skin. Each individual will absorb hormone creams differently, but it is simple to adjust how much you apply or adjust the formula.

      Before full application, dab a small amount of your BHRT cream on the inside of the arm and wait for roughly five minutes to see if you have any abnormal reaction. Hormone creams are typically applied to the arms, but BHRT Cream can be applied to an unexposed area of the body for proper absorption. Either the inner or outer thigh - or the inside of the arm – are all appropriate choices. Rotating the application site may be necessary for best results, but Dr. Rubin will discuss this with you if necessary.

      Benefits of BHRT Creams

      Used to help improve or even reverse conditions like perimenopause, menopause and other conditions in women, or symptoms like mood changes, weight gain and diminished sex drive in men, BHRT Creams can be life changing.

      Hormonal decline or imbalance can impact your physical health, as well as your sexual function, with symptoms that include decreased cognitive function, symptoms of menopause and andropause, decreased bone density and muscle mass, decreased sex drive and limited sexual pleasure, and increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

      Both women and men can experience many or all of the benefits of BHRT Creams, including:

      • Increased sex drive
      • Higher energy levels
      • Reduced hot flashes and night sweats
      • Improved sexual function and stamina
      • Enhanced feelings of wellbeing
      • Increased hair growth
      • Possible weight loss
      • Improved lipid levels
      • Improved mental function, from brain fog and anxiety to irritability and depression
      • Increased ability to build muscle mass and strength
      • Reduced fluid retention and bloating
      • Better sleep
      • Improved metabolism
      • Reduced risk of osteoporosis
      • Restoration of bone strength

      Even conditions like erectile dysfunction, for example, can be successfully addressed with BHRT Creams, along with an array of ED treatment options we offer.


      How long does it take for BHRT Creams to start working?

      Each individual is unique. Some see some symptom improvement within days, while others report waiting two to three weeks for mild relief to manifest. On average, the full effect of BHRT creams can be seen within two to three months.

      How many applications of BHRT Creams are needed?

      Ongoing consults are required to continue treatment with BHRT. Frequency of application will vary among individual patients.

      How long do the effects of BHRT Creams last?

      The effects can be maintained indefinitely as long as you continue BHRT. Regular consultations at Improving Your Health are necessary to maintain your hormone balance and sexual health. This is especially important if you begin to notice a return of your symptoms. Your condition can be evaluated, and next steps can be taken in a timely manner - including modifying your BHRT treatment.

      What should I expect from a hormone-related sexual health consultation?

      Dr. Rubin always begins with a functional evaluation of your body and your individual health profile. A hormone-related sexual health consultation includes looking at all aspects of how your body is functioning – from your hormonal balance to your sexual performance issues. Dr. Rubin then works with each patient to create an individualized medical plan tailored to your sexual health goals.

      Our functional medicine approach means the goal is understanding the root cause of any hormonal or sexual issues you may be experiencing, as opposed to simply treating symptoms. With a holistic approach to hormonal and sexual health, we prioritize long-lasting health, not just short-term results.

      At Improving Your Health, Dr. Rubin creates personalized plans based on each client’s unique assessment. He recognizes the nuanced differences among his clients, with the understanding that no two treatment plans should ever be the same – because every individual is unique.

      Not all cases are appropriate for BHRT Creams. In cases where erectile dysfunction, for example, is caused by psychological issues such as low self-esteem, nerve damage, cancer treatments or surgery, hormone imbalance may not be an issue and BHRT treatment – using creams or other delivery methods – may NOT be appropriate. It is important to have a thorough medical evaluation before introducing BHRT into your treatment regimen.

      If our Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy protocol at Improving Your Health is right for you, it may simply include BHRT alone, or it could involve a variety of other approaches to maximize results. From nutritional supplements to acupuncture or medical weight loss, our goal is always to maximize hormonal balance, sexual function and treat underlying causes of your hormonal complexities. If hormone imbalances are impacting your health and sexual function, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) may be advisable.

      You and Dr. Rubin will explore the results of your tests and consider all of your options together.

      About Dr. Rubin

      Dr. Rubin is a widely respected functional medicine practitioner in Florida with offices in Naples and Tampa. He has extensive experience in men’s health and treating patients who are struggling with hormonal and sexual health issues.

      An Advanced Fellow in the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, AMA Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Medicine, Dr. Rubin is a dedicated medical professional with an exceptional track record. He spent the first 25 years of his medical career working in internal and geriatric medicine, successfully becoming one of Palm Beach County’s top-rated physicians. For four years, Castle Connolly Medical, Ltd. recognized him as one of the “Top Doctors” in South Florida.

      After further specialized training, he shifted his practice to a functional medicine approach to better serve the needs of his patients. Over the last 15 years, Dr. Rubin has honed his focus creating a practice rooted in evidence-based healthcare that addresses the root causes of your symptoms.

      Combining this with his expertise in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, he provides a comprehensive approach to your health. Listening attentively to your concerns, Dr. Rubin personalizes a treatment protocol to meet your needs, guiding you confidently on your journey into hormonal and sexual health – at any age.

      Dr. Rubin takes an individualized approach to treatment, recognizing that each patient has a different medical history, symptoms, and underlying issues.

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