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      The Latest in FDA-Approved Medication-Assisted Weight Loss!

      If you’re tired of extreme diets that don’t work and want to avoid weight loss surgery, Tirzepatide is a weekly injectable drug that effectively targets weight gain and obesity. Research studies with participants who took the highest dose of Tirzepatide lost over 20 percent of their body weight.

      The injectable medication works by mimicking two naturally occurring hormones in the body to slow emptying of the stomach, reduce blood sugar levels, reduce cravings, and decrease appetite.

      Tirzepatide is at the cutting edge of medication-assisted options for successful, life-changing, health transforming weight loss. Dr. Rubin uses compounded Tirzepatide– with telemedicine options in Naples, Tampa, Palm Beach County, North Broward and across the state of Florida.

      At Improving Your Health, our approach to weight loss is designed to correct the underlying cause(s) of your chronic conditions or symptoms, including your weight issues. To take the first step onto your personalized functional medicine journey and see results in your weight loss goals, call either of our offices or book online today for in-person or telemedicine options.

      What is Tirzepatide Weight Loss?

      Tirzepatide – the most recently approved weight loss drug on the market - works by mimicking two naturally occurring hormones in the body:

      • Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1)
      • Glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP)

      The GLP-1 receptor agonist is also used in Semaglutide. GLP-1 stimulates the pancreas to reduce blood sugar levels, decreasing emptying of the stomach so people feel full longer and also works on hunger centers in the brain to prevent cravings.

      Tirzepatide also utilizes GIP, which works in the brain to decrease appetite.

      A personalized medical plan tailored to fit your specific weight loss goals will be designed just for you - based on the results of Dr. Rubin’s evaluation. Depending on your needs, the plan may include a detoxification program, specialized diet, Sarcotropin therapy, a series of physical activity recommendations, and more!

      What should I expect from this Tirzepatide Weight Loss program?

      Our Tirzepatide Weight Loss program offers a comprehensive medical evaluation and weekly injections of Tirzepatide. We understand that weight gain is a medical condition, not a character defect or a personal failure. Treating it as one can make all the difference.

      Your treatment will be personally tailored to the needs of your body’s needs and your health. Tirzepatide plays a key role in our weight loss therapy. The medication regulates appetite and insulin, cravings, and satiety, leading to effective weight loss. You should expect to receive weekly injections of Tirzepatide compounded specifically for you.

      This injectable works the same as other Tirzepatide weight loss drugs but is more affordable. It can be obtained at a fraction of the normal costs you would pay for the name brand drugs. It can also be obtained without supply chain interruptions

      Compounded medications like Tirzepatide have another advantage: they can be formulated precisely to your doctor’s specifications.

      Dr. Rubin utilizes a strategic Tirzepatide Weight Loss program that begins with a functional evaluation of your body and your health. This evaluation includes a review of your nutritional history and hormone function. He will conduct a full thyroid exam. Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Rubin will conduct a review of what has and hasn’t worked so far for you in your weight loss journey thus far.

      Tirzepatide Weight Loss strategies – along with other groundbreaking new treatments – can be game changers in your weight loss strategy.

      Understanding Our Approach to Weight Loss

      Though it may go against conventional thinking, the truth is that weight gain is almost never simply a result of poor dietary choices and a lack of exercise. That’s why it is so important to understand what is causing your weight gain. That answer holds the key to reversing the trend and losing your excess weight once and for all.

      Dr. Rubin has a deep understanding of both conventional and functional medicine options for treatment and always looks for root causes underlying your weight gain. It could be a side effect of a medication. Could it be endocrine disruptors in too many processed convenience foods? Perhaps it is related to medical conditions – like thyroid disease, PCOS or hormonal imbalances. It could be an eating disorder with psychological roots, or a reaction to trauma. Or is it as simple as bad habits that have been developed – like eating that bag of chips every night in front of the TV? Could food allergies be playing a role?

      We take a holistic approach to weight loss, focusing not just on short-term results but on long-lasting health. Dr. Rubin creates a personalized medical plan tailored to fit your specific weight loss goals based on the results of his thorough evaluation.

      Other options – from peptides to Sarcotropin therapy – may fit into your Tirzepatide Weight Loss plan. If sexual hormone imbalances are impacting your weight, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) may be advisable.

      Our Tirzepatide Weight Loss Program at Improving Your Health may include other components if necessary, including:

      • Detoxification program
      • Specialized Diet
      • Customized Physical Activity Recommendations

      No two functional medicine treatment plans for weight loss should ever be identical because no two patients are identical. At Improving Your Health, Dr. Rubin creates individualized plans based on each client’s health assessment – recognizing the unique factors that differentiate each individual.

      About Dr. Rubin

      Dr. Robert D. Rubin specializes in functional medicine, bioidentical hormones, weight loss therapy, and Tirzepatide treatment. Dr. Rubin is a widely respected functional medicine practitioner in Florida with offices in Naples and Tampa. He has extensive experience treating patients who are struggling with weight issues.

      Advanced Fellow American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, AMA Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Medicine, Dr. Rubin is a dedicated medical professional with an exceptional track record. He spent the first 25 years of his medical career working in internal and geriatric medicine, successfully becoming one of Palm Beach County’s top-rated physicians. For four years, Castle Connolly Medical, Ltd. recognized him as one of the “Top Doctors” in South Florida.

      After further specialized training, he shifted his practice to a functional medicine approach to better serve the needs of his patients. Over the last 15 years, Dr. Rubin has honed his focus creating a practice rooted in evidence-based healthcare that addresses the root cause of your symptoms. Combining this with his expertise in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, he provides a comprehensive approach to your health. Listening attentively to your concerns, Dr. Rubin personalizes a treatment protocol to meet your needs, guiding you confidently on your weight loss journey.

      Dr. Rubin takes an individualized approach to treatment, recognizing that each patient has a different medical history, symptoms, and underlying issues.

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